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Synthetic Grass Melbourne

DDs Synthetic Turf Supply and Installation has been providing synthetic grass to Melbourne families, and have been building their gardens around for almost fifteen years. We provide a wide range of gardening and landscaping products and services at competitive and affordable prices. We use top quality, sustainable and 100% Australian manufactured cheap synthetic grass Melbourne citizens have grown to know and love. Our customer base is ever expanding and its no surprise considering our professional, friendly and personable service. Coupled together with our unbeatable product range which sells at great prices, is of high quality and safe for your pets and families; its a winning combination.

No matter what your requirements or reasoning for changing up the look of your garden, we can assist you every step of the way. Water restrictions in the state of Victoria have made it difficult for home owners to maintain gardens in the same way that they used to in the past. Luckily with synthetic grass Melbourne residents dont need to worry about this anymore. In the hot summer months, in times of drought and even when you are away on holidays, you can rest assured knowing your home garden will always look its best. With synthetic grass there is no maintenance required. You dont need to leave expensive sprinkler systems running in your garden or get the neighbours in to water your lawn when youre away. Synthetic grass doesnt grow either so you dont need to invest in expensive garden equipment like a lawn mower or trimmers.

Not only do our synthetic grass products save you money but its synthetic grass Melbourne families can feel safe with. All of our products are made in Australia and are constructed of the best, sustainable materials. Furthermore, all of our grass products are lead free and chemical free. You can relax knowing your children are safe playing in the garden and are not breathing in any toxins when theyre playing in your lawn. Pets and other wildlife are safe too and this is another great selling point of our goods.

For those more active families who maybe play a weekly game of soccer, rugby or cricket in their garden we stock a sports grass just for you. This is our most durable synthetic grass in our product lineup and is designed to withstand anything you can throw at it. It goes best in high traffic areas and can withstand not just the abuse of you and your family but also anything that nature can conjure up. It gives excellent support for your sporty family with extra bounce and cushion under foot. This is the same material we sell to schools for their sports fields, to AFL football clubs, hockey clubs and even golf courses so you know its top quality.

No matter what your home garden requirements are dont hesitate to get in touch with us at 1300-we-turf, our team of skilled professionals are at the ready to give you a low maintenance, environmentally conscious and most importantly, beautiful garden that you and your family can be proud of.