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Premium artificial grass for Melbourne homes and properties

Why Ultimate?

DD's Ultimate artificial grass product is Melbourne's premium choice when it comes to residential, public and commercial lawns.

With rising temperatures and continuing drought conditions, DD's knew how important it was to source an artificial grass option that responds well to summer heat in Melbourne.

The Ultimate product is the only product in the market place that retains 30% less heat in summer -  so it really is the perfect Melbourne choice! This high end product has a matt finish and brown fibers scattered throughout so it looks extremely realistic.

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Synthetic grass for the formal look

Why Amazon?

DD's Amazon synthetic grass product is for those after the formal look for their garden.

Amazon synthetic grass has an exceptionally neat, finely manicured appearance, offering a slightly shorter pile (35mm) and a thick, cusiony pile that makes this synthetic grass perfect for manicured formal gardens.

If you are looking for a dense synthetic turf product that requires minimum infill then Amazon is the product for you. Offering higher durability and resilience because it is constructed from a unique blend of polymers. Amazon has an exceptionally realistic appearence as it is constructed from four different colours. Utilizing a non nylon thatch, Amazon not only offers great stability but also great U.V protection. This premium Australian made product is also covered by our 10 year manufacturers warranty.

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Fake grass that looks real

Why Prestige?

DD's Prestige fake grass product is so close to natural grass we find most people actually can't tell the difference!

One of the primary concerns people have about fake grass is that it will look like a shiny, false surface. Technology has come a long way in the last 15 years and DD's has scoured the market place for the absolute best quality across all different kinds of fake grass.

Prestige is a great alternative to natural grass - so it is perfect for your backyard or other outdoor areas that you want to look as blended and natural as possible.

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Synthetic grass product unique to Melbourne

Why Royal?

DD's Royal synthetic grass product is unique to Melbourne and has been designed especially in response to the needs and demands of our valued customers.

It is incredibly soft underfoot and unlike most synthetic grass products, it is a sand infill product only. This means there are no messy rubber granules, no smell of rubber granules on a hot day and it maintains a cool, soft feel underfoot.

Created so that you can have a lush, deep green lawn even in the height of Melbourne drought and water restrictions, Royal is one of our most popular products.  

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Fake turf designed for sports and high traffic areas

Why Sports?

This product is your number one fake turf choice when it comes to schools, kindergartens, sporting fields and any outdoor or indoor recreation areas. It is manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions and all year round activity.

Sports is fake turf designed specifically to give good cushioning and bounce and to eradicate for good the problems of watering, maintaining and mowing outdoor areas and sports fields.

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