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What parents love about artificial lawn

All parents love their kids to run around outside, play with pets and generally be out of the house. But how many parents love cleaning up mud and dirt inside the house or making time on already full weekend to mow and weed the back lawn? That's why discovering artificial lawn is a bit like discovering a few more hours in each day ...

100% safe for kids and pets

DD's artificial lawn products are completely safe for all members of your family. Rest assured in the extreme high quality manufacturing and safety features including:

  • 100% chemical free
  • 100% lead free
  • Made from colour enhanced polypropylene plastic
  • Amazing 30% less heat retention than many other artificial lawn brands
  • Soft and comfortable underfoot (no prickles, stingers or nasty weeds)
  • UV protected (so won't fade)
  • 100% Australian made and owned (in fact it's manufactured right here in Melbourne!)
  • 10 year warranty
  • 20 year expected life span (it may outlast the kids being at home!)
  • Pet urine is absorbed and evaporates
  • Pet faeces are easily scooped up and will not stain or mark the artificial lawn

Artificial lawn looks fantastic all year round

Family life is chaotic at the best of times. If you're going to spend time in the garden - wouldn't you rather be tending plants and vegetables than mowing, watering and maintaining lawn?

Artificial lawn in the backyard means fun and easy play area for the kids, and the lawn will still look great for backyard BBQs and entertaining.

Artificial lawn in the front yard is where you can really create a feature area that will look beautiful and look after itself. Our high end deluxe products are designed especially for lower traffic, feature and/or display areas.

Give yourself more options and time for landscaping and outdoor design

It doesn't have to be one or the other when it comes to outdoor area landscaping and design. Talk to us about the best combination of artificial lawn, other artificial plants and natural plants for your garden. We can help with landscaping and design or we can simply provide you with the best advice and product range.

If you prefer to install artificial lawn yourself, then we have a supply only service and provide you with all the materials and instructions you require.

Installing artificial lawn plays an important role in sustainable living

Drought conditions continue to persist throughout Victoria. Unpredictable climate change means that we all have to think differently about how we live. Conserving water and energy are two of the most crucial tasks facing each Australian household.

Installing artificial lawn is a great step you can take towards sustainability. Reduce your watering needs and create a garden where any watering you undertake is conserved for plants, trees and vegetables that really need it.

Watering a front and back yard is a luxury that we just can't afford any more.

We look forward to helping you create outdoor spaces at your home that are durable, safe and beautiful.

Ask about our interest free payment plan - no expensive outlay up front - pay interest free installments via direct debit.