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Artificial turf provides solutions for public areas

Artificial turf improves the appearance and reduces the maintenance of public access areas. It is a perfect solution for areas that are either difficult to get to for mowing and watering or that have a lot of foot traffic and related wear and tear.

Consider artificial turf for:

  • sidewalks and pavements
  • roundabouts
  • median strips
  • council and government building grounds

Create beautiful display and feature areas

Entrances, courtyards, conference and reception areas can look pristine and beautiful all year round with artificial turf and landscape design.

The team at DD's have been in the business for over 15 years and they are sticklers for detail. Our combined expertise in artificial turf products and landscaping mean that we can create stunning display and feature areas. We take a lot of pride in what we do and our only measure of success is our customers' satisfaction.

DD's artificial turf products give you:

  • 10 year UV protection guarantee (no colour fade)
  • Up to 10 year manufacturing guarantee
  • 12 month installation warranty (if anything is not quite right - we come back and fix it)
  • 100% Australian made and owned peace of mind

Sporting and recreation facilities

Sports and recreation facilities are so important to happy, healthy communities. Australians love to get out and about and we are lucky to live in a city like Melbourne where there are great public sporting facilities.

Sports and recreation grounds are one of the fastest growing markets? for artificial turf. Councils and governments are realizing what a sound investment it is. Artificial turf gives you a degree of control over quality that is not possible with natural grass:

  • a buoyant surface that can be tailor made for multi-sports use
  • smooth, even ground (no bumps or potholes)
  • consistent turf all year round
  • no mowing or watering
  • specialist artificial turf for specialist sports including AFL football, soccer, golf and cricket

Community, health and social facilities

Ongoing drought conditions have hit outdoor community and social areas as it becomes more and more difficult to maintain gardens, parks and playing fields.

The choice to use artificial turf is not about replacing the natural beauty of trees, plants and gardens. It is a smart way to create mores sustainable outdoor environments. Outdoor areas that use a combination of artificial turf along with natural garden beds, trees and plants are much easier to maintain and much more likely to survive tough weather conditions.

If you have always thought that artificial turf would detract from the natural beauty of outdoor areas, we urge you to look at our products or come into our showroom. Artificial turf technology has come a long way and products now look exactly like real grass - colour grading, texture - the works!

So, get in touch or come on in to our showroom and see for yourself the amazing quality of artificial turf and lawn products.

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