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Create beautiful landscaped areas with artificial grass

Artificial plants are a practical way to add beauty and decoration to corporate areas. The use of artificial grass is not quite as common but it is growing in popularity and offers a unique way to spruce up both outdoor and indoor areas.


Give your offices or building a competitive edge

The business world is ever more competitive. We live in a fast paced environment where first impressions are absolutely crucial. Just as your personal appearance is the first thing new clients or customers assess, the appearance of your workplace plays a primary role in how you are perceived.

Maintaining a lawn or garden is not feasible for most businesses. Installing artificial grass and artificial plants is a way to present a beautiful, professional appearance  - with zero maintenance. Once your lawn is installed there is no mowing, no watering and no further costs.

Artificial grass can be used to create:

  • welcoming entrance and reception areas
  • internal or external courtyards
  • rooftop gardens
  • display and feature areas
  • relaxing indoor recreation spaces

How creative corporates are catching on to artificial grass

Artificial grass can be used in a number of creative and innovative ways. Increasing numbers of service based industries are employing artificial grass in designing their display areas, service areas and public access areas.

Artificial grass adds a touch of colour and unique design to spaces such as:

  • hospitality (restaurants, cafes)
  • fashion and design companies
  • sporting goods stores
  • conference and reception facilities

Hotels and conference facilities

Having well kept and pristine outdoor and recreation areas is essential for hotels, motels and conference facilities. Installing artificial grass means you can have beautifully maintained areas around swimming pools, in courtyards and to beautify the external design of your premises.

And there is no mowing, no watering, no weeding or maintenance required.

For a consultation to discuss how artificial grass, artificial plants and/or a complete landscaping service can enhance the beauty and value of your office, building or complex, please get in touch.

With over 15 years experiences and happy customers including Channel 7 Melbourne (DD's artificial grass has been used in several of their television commercials) we will be able to provide exactly what you are looking for.

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