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DD's synthetic grass and turf is 100% Australian made. It is chemical free, lead free, soft and comfortable under foot, and it is 100% safe for your family, kids and pets. With synthetic grass not only do you get to have a beautiful lawn all year round and save yourself the back breaking job of mowing - you are part of the Australian shift towards a more sustainable way of living.

The Australian landscape is changing

Many of us remember running under sprinklers as kids - water shortage simply wasn't an issue then. That has changed forever and we now know that we live in a dry, drought prone country.

Water restrictions are in place throughout most of Australia and will be for a long time. These changing conditions don't mean we have to give up gardening or using outdoor spaces - it just means we have to design them differently.

Synthetic grass plays an important role in conserving our environment

Outdoor spaces need to be drought proof. That means planting drought resistant plants and conserving water wherever possible. Watering a lawn is a luxury that our water reserves simply cannot afford. Using synthetic grass means that your garden or outdoor space still looks beautiful and you can use precious water resources for other plants and trees.

DD's synthetic grass:

  • 100% Australian Made
  • Free from chemicals and lead
  • Made from colour enhanced polypropylene plastic
  • UV protected
  • Retains 30% less heat than other synthetic grass
  • 10 year warranty
  • 20 year expected life span
  • Thorough, all inclusive installation - no short cuts and your satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

Talk to us about your complete garden needs

As well as supplying and installing high quality, 100% Australian Made synthetic grass DD's can provide a full range of landscaping services including paving, decking, retaining walls, designer lawns, gardens and landscape design. Find out more.

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