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What's the deal with plastic grass - your questions answered

If your questions about plastic grass or synthetic turf are not answered here, please drop us a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or pick up the phone and call 9305 5526.

There is a customer service representative in our showroom and technicians out on the road six days a week - we are always happy to speak with you about any questions, tips or advice!

What is DD's synthetic turf made from?

Our synthetic turf is made from polypropylene plastic. It is manufactured right here in Melbourne and it is 100% free from any chemicals or lead. It is plastic grass that is designed to look and feel natural and be completely safe for families - including children and pets.

Does plastic grass get stained or damaged by animal droppings?

Urine drains through our plastic grass and is absorbed by the sand infill. Animal droppings can just be picked up and disposed of - as with normal grass! They will not stain or damage the lawn in any way.

How much does synthetic grass heat up?

Synthetic grass is not really very different from natural grass - it will absorb radiant heat. However, DD's is proud to be able to deliver our premium product Ultimate - which is the only plastic grass product on the market that retains 30% less heat. So it is perfect for Melbourne's hot summer and drought conditions.

What kind of maintenance will I have to do?

Artificial lawn is designed to be extremely low maintenance. As with any product, its wear and tear will be impacted by the amount of use and traffic. Brushing plastic grass regularly with a stiff broom will help maintain its buoyancy and appearance. You may also need to add more sand very occasionally. You can do these simple maintenance tasks yourself or arrange for us to come and do them for you.

What is the warranty and life expectancy of your products?

Our installation is guaranteed for 12 months. Each product has a warranty, ranging from 7 to 10 years. The life expectancy of all DD's plastic grass products is 20 years.

Do your products fade in the sun or get damaged by rain?

DD's synthetic turf and lawn products are colour enhanced and UV protected so they will not fade in the sun. Rain drains away through tiny perforated holes and the sand infill absorbs liquid. The products are made to withstand sun, rain, wind, hail and snow.

Can you lay plastic grass on hills and in hard to access areas?

Absolutely. Plastic grass is not just for flat areas. We can lay artificial lawn for you on slopes, in small areas, feature spots, rooftop gardens - anywhere that you would like the look and feel of natural grass. In fact, plastic grass is especially suitable for areas that are hard to access in terms of mowing, watering and maintenance.

Isn't it a lot more expensive than laying natural grass?

The maintenance of natural lawn long term is very expensive - when you consider mowing, watering, upkeep and maintenance. DD's plastic grass is an economical and sustainable investment. Once laid, you will barely have to think about it again. And you can take advantage of our interest free payment program. No expensive outlay upfront - just pay interest installments via direct debit.