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Artificial Turf Melbourne

Here at DDs synthetic turf we pride ourselves in providing a great service and an excellent product to those in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Not only do we supply and install artificial grass to suit your needs but we also provide a host of other services. Paving, decking, retaining walls, designer lawns and gardens and landscape designs are all services which our customers have come to expect of us. Our experienced and personable team go above and beyond at every job to ensure that our customers are always happy.

We provide 100% Australian made artificial turf Melbourne residents will be delighted with. In the harsh summer climate, it can often be difficult to maintain a great looking lawn. By installing instant turf Melbourne citizens can also help the environment by saving water and still have a lawn to be proud of.

All of our synthetic grass and turf is chemical free, lead free and feels soft and, natural and comfortable under your feet. Taking all this into account you can rest assured that it will be the best and safest option for your children, your pets and any friends or family visiting you at your home. Knowing that your lawn is in great shape, gives you more time to concentrate on your vegetable patch or to prune your flowers, letting you enjoy your garden without time consuming tasks like mowing.

With water restrictions in Australia not looking likely to change any time soon and with the droughts that occur in Victoria every year, its no wonder people are looking for more sustainable options that are safe and functional. We install a wide range of artificial turf Melbourne residents have been more than pleased with. We have five main types of instant turf Melbourne folk can choose from. Our Amazon synthetic grass offers a formal look for your home garden which gives a wonderful manicured look to your lawn. It creates a very real look using a blend of four different colours and comes with a ten year manufacturers warranty to give you peace of mind. Next, we offer the Prestige, a very popular option which feels so similar to real grass that most people cant tell the difference. Unique to Melbourne is our Royal option. We have created this to fulfill the needs of our customers. This is a sand infill product meaning there is no rubber involved. Finally, the last product in our range is the Sports option. This is a great option for those high traffic areas and while generally residential properties go for one of the other three, this can be great for families with active kids who play a lot in the garden. It is highly durable and offers some cushioning and bounce to make it more comfortable.

If you are looking for an alternative way to maintain your lawn with minimum effort no matter what the conditions then get in touch with our team at 1300-We Turf to arrange a quote.