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In all seriousness, lawns aren't exactly part of nature's design.  In fact, they go against most basic principles of science.  Biodiversity, natural composting, and much more all go out the window when it comes to keeping a blazing green lawn of perfect grass.  Today, opting for a fake lawn could very well be a much more economical, scientific and personally beneficial option.  It may sound silly but the truth is that taking a look at some of the basic reasons why so many are choosing fake grass will help you see why they're doing so.  In the end, you might be surprised with just how much sense it really makes.

The first thing to learn is just what a fake lawn is.  Most people are familiar with the 'Astroturf' that football stadiums may rely on, and that's essentially the same thing.  Synthetic grass is made from the most ground-breaking technology possible and creates a lush, green ground covering that is totally nontoxic and safe for children and animals alike.  That's actually one of the big benefits it provides since there's no danger of those itchy grass allergies so many kids seem to deal with.  It's soft and looks just like the real thing unless you give it an incredibly close inspection.

A fake lawn is also green in more ways than just its colour.  You don't have to bother spreading fertiliser onto it to promote health since it's synthetic.  That means no leeching into the groundwater and no runoff.  Plus, you don't have to worry about running your sprinkler to keep your lawn healthy.  With today's water conservation issues in full effect, that factor alone is usually enough to convince many environmentally conscious people to consider switching over to synthetic options.  Once they do, they experience the truly great thing about the choice.

While going green is great, the simple truth is that a fake lawn involves little to no maintenance.  Those days spent with the weed trimmer and lawnmower are gone when you opt for a synthetic lawn.  Instead of spending hours keeping your lawn looking good, you get to enjoy your day off however you like.  You'll have more time and avoid the aches and pains of pushing around that mower.  If the environmental issue isn't enough to convince you that synthetic lawns are worth it, the simplicity factor should be enough to change your mind for good.