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Artificial Grass Melbourne - Create the Perfect Lawn

Many people dream their whole lives of owning a home they can call their very own. Home is where memories are made and where both the best and worst times of life are shared together with the ones you care about. People take immense pride in their homes and lawns, and spend lots of time and money trying to get them just right. If you love being in your home, but hate how much time and effort it takes to keep the lawn looking green and lush, it might be time to think about installing artificial grass Melbourne.

In case you've never thought about artificial grass Melbourne and the way that it could cut your yard maintenance time down to a fraction of what it was before, you might want to learn more about this new trend that many Australians are taking advantage of. Artificial turf looks and feels very similar to real grass, except that artificial lawns never have to be mowed or watered. This turf is sewn on to perforated backing material and laid over a layer of rocks and crushed rock in your yard. The result is a yard that looks green all year round.

You might be wondering why so many people would be installing artificial grass Melbourne in the yards instead of taking the time to seed, feed, fertilize and weed, the natural grass lawn. One of the biggest reasons is that water is quickly becoming a precious resource in Australia. Many seasons of drought mean that water restrictions have made it almost impossible to water and maintain a natural lawn. Instead of sending your kids out into the yard to play in dust and rocks, installing an artificial lawn will give you the appearance and feel of a natural yard so that you can still enjoy outside areas with your family.

In case you think that installing artificial grass Melbourne will allow you to forget about yard maintenance altogether, you should know that there are some light upkeep duties that you'll have to be willing to participate in. First, artificial lawns get dirty (instead of long or weed-ridden). This means that every once in a while, you'll need to wash them off or give them a vigorous sweeping with a shop broom. You'll also need to think about lightly raking them any time there has been a lot of foot traffic, because the artificial blades of grass can become bent and tamped down.